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Fiverr takes on website translation services

Website translation on the rise
Website translation on the rise
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A July 24, 2014 news article on Adotas reports the rapid rise in popularity for website translation services for commercial enterprises of all shapes and sizes, and Fiverr is one of the few freelancing websites specializing in these types of services at an affordable cost. As business owners continue to expand their targeted consumer demographics to a global community of potential customers far outside of their local landscape, the need to translate their home company websites into a multitude of different languages is becoming more and more critical.

While many search engines like Google already offer a one-click translation option for just about any website online, the results are usually far from impressive. The algorithms used in these types of instant, word-for-word translation software often result in wording that is disjointed and confusing to the foreign reader. This reflects poorly on the professionalism of the company brand. As a direct result, experienced business owners are seeking a higher level of translation proficiency in order to remain competitive with native speaking webmasters in these other countries.

This leads us to Fiverr which has researched the field of website translation and determined that it costs about $500 for an average website to be translated professionally into another language. Fiverr has a wide range of professional translation freelancers in nearly every language of the globe, starting at only $5 per gig. This means that customers can test drive the skills and expertise of a professional Russian website translator, for example, without having to pay out a small fortune in advance. Website translation can be provided through Fiverr for an individual article, a single webpage, or an entire website by simply purchasing multiple gigs.

English to Spanish translation services are considered the most requested, followed closely by French, Italian, and German. But recent studies show that nearly 50% of all major corporations are now utilizing website translation services into at least 6 different languages in total, with 62% of them choosing either Chinese, Korean, or Japanese as one of their preferences. Fiverr is perhaps the only freelancing website with a global community of professional translators from all over the world, allowing the average Fiverr Buyer the ability to locate a native speaking translator in any language starting at a mere $5.