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Fiverr mimics Amazon with new release

A recent Fiverr blog post from August 11, 2014 announces the release of Fiverr 3.0. This is just one of many ongoing changes on the freelancing website where buyers can purchase from millions of “gigs” starting at one $5.

According to the blog post, Fiverr is changing the site’s search engine procedures and analytics, trying to make the site as easy to maneuver as Amazon. The entire menu has changed, allowing users to search through the Fiverr catalog based on a number of new keywords and criteria. The new release will affect only 10 individual sub-categories, eventually involving the entire site.

But even Amazon has its share of troubles within their community of buyers and sellers. According to a Wall Street Journal report on the same date, August 11, 2014, the ecommerce giant is currently under fire for refusing to accept pre-orders of some of the coming Disney attractions, including “Captain America” and “Maleficence”. While Fiverr is using the Amazon site as a model to improve customer service, the new upgrade will likely be unable to solve all of their problems. But it looks like a step in the right direction.

Buyers can sort through the gigs based on everything from gender to location, seller status, languages spoken, country of origin, writing style, age range, and numerous other category-specific qualifications. This comes as no surprise to many of the Top Sellers on Fiverr, who have been asked by the administration over the past few weeks to test drive the new applications.

By tweaking the search engine analytics to create a user environment that more closely resembles Amazon, Fiverr administration hopes to attract more customers and enhance the relationships with current clients as well.

With millions of gigs on the website, many customers have been requesting more focused search results, and Fiverr seems to have answered with this new rollout. Fiverr 3.0 is also expected to help the site’s community of freelancing professionals by streamlining communications with potential buyers.

Fiverr 3.0 should reduce the amount of needless communication between buyers and sellers who have accidentally purchased a gig that is not appropriate for the job at hand. The first ten categories will include:

  • Illustration
  • Photography & Photoshopping
  • Animation & 3D
  • Logo Design
  • Testimonials & Reviews
  • WordPress
  • EBook Covers & Packages
  • Banners & Headers
  • Narration & Voice Over
  • Website Content

For a freelancing website that has only been in existence for 4 years, Fiverr is beginning to follow the lead of popular commercial enterprises like Amazon by focusing more on customer service without jeopardizing the millions of relationships with their freelancing community. More changes are expected to come in the very near future.

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