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Fiverr increases Top Seller services to $8,200

Top Sellers Get new Perks
Top Sellers Get new Perks

Within the past 24 hours, Fiverr has announced a New Feature which allows Top Sellers to now offer services up to $8,200 per order. This is a phenomenal change in the Fiverr Platform, a site for freelancers that was only just founded in 2009 by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger.

This is how it works. The New Feature is only offered to Top Sellers on the Site, an honor that is very hard to obtain. More on that in a minute. The New Feature now allows Top Sellers to “combine multiples” to up their per gig fee to $8,200 per order. This is an increase of $7,700 per order. The previous highest dollar amount per gig was $500.

There are several “levels” of sellers on Fiverr. Novices who first join the site remain unrated until they have been on the site for at least 30 days and have completed a minimum of 10 orders or “gigs”. Then they are raised to Level 1. After completing 50 orders within 2 months, they are promoted to the Level 2 status.

A “Top Seller” is manually chosen by the Fiverr Editors and Administration, making this level much more difficult to attain. This honor is only given to those sellers who have continuously demonstrated high sales, exceptionally high ratings, excellent customer services, and impressive leadership within the Fiverr Community.

Top Sellers have special privileges that the other levels do not have, such as the ability to offer up to four “gig extras”, or add-on’s, that can raise the “per gig” price. These extras can also be offered at a much higher cost than the lower level sellers, up to $100 each. Other perks allow buyers from Top Sellers to order up to 20 of each gig at a time with a final option for “Fast Delivery” for another additional fee up to $100.

With the new change, Fiverr Editors are now allowing these Top Sellers to sell up to 20 of each Gig Extra per each order. This means that when a gig extra is offered at $100, someone can buy 20 of them at once, resulting in a $2,000 purchase. Four Gig Extras at 20 orders each gets you to $8,000. And then ordering the initial gig itself 20 times gets you another $100 dollars. When you add the “Fast Delivery” option for another $100, the grand total per order increases to an astounding $8,200.

Just because a Seller happens to have sold a great many gigs does not automatically get them the Top Seller ranking. There are sellers who have sold thousands of individual projects to Fiverr Buyers but who are still relegated to Level 2. So, when a seller is given this distinctive title of Top Seller, this essentially means that the Fiverr Editors consider these freelancers to be highly reputable members of their site, especially regarding quality of services and excellent customer relations.

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