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Fiverr hitting big internationally

The popularity of Fiverr is not just an American phenomenon, and a recent article on the Al Arabiya News site today on September 5, 2014 confirms this. The article reports that scores of Arab professionals are now signing up to the “gig” site to buy and sell freelancing services for everything from graphic design services to doing homework assignments, providing pictures of the beautiful city of Dubai, and even voiceover work.

But the global appeal seems to be spreading to all countries across the world. Another report offered by the Negocios Economic Journal Intereconomia on the same day of September 5, 2014 is stating that Fiverr is often used to purchase social media followers from buyers in nearly every area of the international economic sector. This article does caution, however, the importance of researching freelance services thoroughly before purchasing Fiverr gigs starting from only $5. Many buyers have been burned in the past by receiving either fake or inactive followers.

Fiverr is aware of the rising popularity of its international customer base and of the potential for scam artists to take part in the Fiverr freelancing platform. As a result, the administration has been making some rather drastic changes to the website in recent months in an attempt to discourage some of the less reliable sellers of the past.

A new rating system was recently implemented at the beginning of the summer, and new search engine categories and functions were added very soon afterwards to help potential buyers find more qualified freelancers. Buyers can now search for freelancing professionals based on any number of factors, including favorability rankings, country of origin, and languages spoken, to name only a few.

The Israeli community is even taking notice of Fiverr. The website is reporting today that the Israeli Internet industry is booming, and a growing number of leading international companies are now acquiring many of their support services through the Fiverr freelancing platform.

As in the USA, many Fiverr members are first drawn to the website as a way to make a little extra spending money. But those who continue to provide high quality, fast services tend to gain a consistent amount of business in a very short amount of time, leading Fiverr to claim that over 15% of their freelancing professionals now consider Fiverr as their primary source of income.

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