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Five Word Film Reviews - Main Hub Page

Five Word Film Reviews are fun!
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Recently I received a book entitled “Four Word Film Reviews”. This book is actually a compilation of short film reviews from the website “Four Word Film Reviews”. The author explains how the idea came to him and how many reviews are now archived on the website. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these little reviews, most of which are user submitted from random people to the website. So, I thought I would give it a try. In an effort to not copy the idea exactly, I thought I would make this “Five Word Film Reviews”.

This is the main hub page that will include links to all the Five Word Film reviews. They are organized by genre and then alphabetically. There are 10 films reviewed with each link.

Action Films

Part 1 (Air Force One, Batman, Braveheart, Casino Royale, etc.)

Comedy Films

Part 1 (Anchorman, Beverly Hills Cop, The Blues Brothers, Caddyshack, etc.)

Drama Films

Part 1 (Armageddon, The Breakfast Club, Cool Hand Luke, etc.)

More to come! Be sure to check back later!

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