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Five week old puppies abandoned beside dumpster

Do not abandon puppies, call a shelter or rescue
Morguefile / maki

Five week old puppies should be kept warm, nourished and snuggled beside their Mama, not thrown out like garbage in a dirty, feces covered cardboard box. According to a Fox 8 news report, dated March 7, 2014, that is exactly how a litter of puppies were found by a worker in Greensboro N.C. The worker heard noise around the dumpster and discovered five very dirty and cold little puppies and called authorities.

The puppies were rescued by the Guilford County Animal Shelter and seen by a vet. Other than being very cold and dirty, they appear to be okay. If the tiny puppies had remained outside very much longer the outcome might have been worse. The five puppies are believed to be pit or shepherd mix.

If all goes well with these puppies, they will be available for adoption in about three weeks. These little guys were lucky that a worker found them and called for help. Many abandoned puppies are not so lucky when they are thrown out like trash with little regard to their tiny lives.

There are other ways to be rid of unwanted puppies and to give them a chance at life. First and foremost, avoid having puppies by having your pet spayed or neutered. There are many affordable clinics around and a local animal shelter can help find them.

Once the puppies are born, at least allow the mother to care for them until they are old enough to be weaned. If something has happened to the pup’s mother don’t just throw them out like yesterday’s trash. There are others that are willing to take care of them and find them loving homes.

Take them to an animal shelter and ask for help caring for them. Call an animal rescue group. There are many of them listed on Facebook and it will only take a minute to search. Drop them off at a vet’s office but be sure you hand them over to someone. Don’t just dispose of them and hope someone finds the box you left them in. Time may run out for the helpless little babies.

There are many options to safely “get rid of” unwanted puppies. Leaving them by a dumpster in a dirty box on a cold winter’s day is neither safe nor humane. In fact it is considered animal neglect and cruelty. It’s also very heartless to allow small puppies to either starve or freeze to death.

In the case of the five abandoned puppies in Greensboro, the police have been contacted and an investigation to determine who dumped them beside the dumpster is underway. For updates on these five little puppies, check the Guilford County Animal Shelters Facebook page. They are also asking for donations to help with their medical needs.

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