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Five websites for Texas motorcycle vacation planning

Ride Texas

 Whether Texas is your starting point, destination, or a stop along the way, Ride Texas is the best launch point you will find on the internet for planning a motorcycle trip that includes the Lone Star State.

A companion site for the Ride Texas magazine, this informative web destination includes a collection of free travel planning tools, for instance:

  • Look up the current and forecast weather conditions
  • Road conditions
  • Texas and federal motorcycle laws
  • State and national parks

Join the Ride Texas Forum to read and participate in discussion threads about Texas motorcycling.  There's also an events calendar that lists the dates for exciting motorcycle related rallies and celebrations.

Texas Cruisers

Sometimes there's nothing better than following in the footsteps of successful adventurers who have "been there, done that".  Texas Cruisers is an internet discussion board populated with loads of friendly motorcycle tourers who are happy to respond to any question about places to visit, scenic routes, and good eats along the way.

Like most internet forums, Texas Cruisers is free to join.

Lone Star Rider

Well organized and chock-full of travel information, Lone Star Rider is yet another discussion board that caters to a wide variety of motorcycle interests, with a large portion of the threads devoted to travel stories and advice.

Rally Up Texas

Sometimes you want to be a lone wolf, and sometimes you want to be where everybody knows your name.  Find out where like minded two-wheeling souls like you congregate and "rally up".  Rally Up Texas is a site devoted to bringing motorcyclists together for traditional and new events.

If you don't see an event happening near you, just get creative and start one.  Rally Up Texas is the perfect site to post news and ideas about rallies and motorcycle gatherings.

Forum, live chat, slideshows...this site brings you all the tools you need to plan your next pack meeting.


Sometimes the motorcycle crowd gets tunnel vision and they lose their ability to consider that two-wheeled tourists might want to stop and smell the flowers.  If all you can find on the previous four sites are Harley Davidson museums, chopper shops, biker bars, and poker runs, try a search of your favorite destination city at NextStop.

NextStop is a user fed destination site that offers photos and vivid descriptions of great attractions for many U.S. cities.  There are no rules, and the contribution crowd is a mixture of anybody and everybody, so the information you find won't be heavily skewed toward the great religion of gyroscopic stability.

You'll discover that there are lots of things to do along the way, and you may even find that some of the best attractions on earth are near your own front door step.


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