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Five ways to update your ceilings


If you look up right now at the ceilings in your home, chances are, all you will see is white. Well, it’s time for that to change! The ceilings of your home have incredible design potential. A beautiful ceiling can make a great room a fabulous room. Here are five ways to make your forgotten walls become some of your favorite walls.

1.Paint your ceiling with color.
White ceilings might seem practical, but white is actually distracting. Unless you have an all white color scheme, you want to keep the transitions from wall to ceiling soft. Paint your ceiling 1-2 shades lighter then your walls to unify the room and end the look of a white sheet draped over head. Feeling daring?
Go two shades darker and make your ceiling a real focal point.

2.Add an accent color or metallic treatment to the ceiling.
This ups the drama even more. Pick an accent color from your room and paint it on your ceiling. If you have beige walls and blue accents? Paint your ceiling blue. Red accents? Red looks beautiful on a ceiling. For even more drama, paint your ceiling a metallic. This is a great look for powder rooms.

3.Add a hand painted or stenciled element to your ceiling.
You don’t need to be an artist to add great artistic touches to your room. Get inspiration from fabric or other patterns in your room. For example, if you have fabric or light fixtures with swirls, mimic the pattern on poster board to the scale you want and trace it onto the ceiling. Then paint over your design with artist colors. This effect looks stunning around chandeliers or in the corners of ceilings.

4.Add crown molding
Crown molding provides serious bang for your buck. It is a home improvement that adds architectural impact, as well as, real value to your home.

5. Add a chandelier or update your current light fixture.
All builder grade brass fixtures should be removed from your home, immediately! Replace them with updated fixtures in beautiful finishes like antique bronze or burnished gold . On a budget? Home Depot and Lowes offer many beautiful options.

Now, start with just one of these steps, or try all five in a powder room, and behold your transformation.


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