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Five Ways to sell your car

Learn ways to sell your car.
Learn ways to sell your car.
Photo by Winning Automotive Photography via Flickr

Selling your car can either be a short process or a lengthy one. It simply depends on the price you offer, how much somebody else needs it, and how you market it. With that, here are five ways to sell your automobile.

Newspaper classifieds

Many people sell their cars through classified ads in their local newspaper. These classified ads are read by anywhere from hundreds to millions of people depending on the newspaper's popularity.

If you are serious about selling your car, start calling around to different newspaper companies to get their pricing for advertisements. Understand that popular newspapers may charge you more for ad placements when compared to lesser-viewed newspapers. However, you may sell your car much faster.

Social network posts

Social networking has become one of the most popular ways to get messages across. Even business have discovered the secret of campaigning through social networks to their loyal customers. Therefore, if you have a social network (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) page, consider placing a post about your car being for sale.

Craig's List is one of the most popular places to advertise your item for sale on the internet. Depending on your city, you may be charged an advertising fee. However, you will be well endowed with viewers to your ad for the fee and possibly sell your car very quickly.

Car Max

Car Max is a car sales company with a huge inventory of used cars to choose from. Unlike many dealerships, they will buy your car from you without you having to buy a car from them.

With that, try locating the nearest Car Max near you. You may be returning home with a check soon for your no longer wanted ride.

Window price tag

Like always, a simple way to see your car is to place a price tag in its windows. You never know who will be driving or walking by your car and want to purchase it.

Tell others

Never be afraid to let your friends and neighbors know that you car is for sale. You never know who has been eyeing your wheels with hopes of owning them.


Last but not the least, I once heard somebody say they sold a car on eBay. With that, maybe you can sell or auction off your car as well through the popular online retail and auctioning site. The owners of the site will require a percentage of the selling price, but you will still make your money when the car is sold.

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