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Five Ways to Make the Holidays Manageable After a Break Up

So you were in a relationship whether it was long term or you had just started dating and your significant other decided to break things off right before the holidays. That's right, they have picked one of the worst times to break up with you, during the holiday season.

You may be dreading leaving the house because you know your friends and family will ask endless questions or maybe even offer up their advice on how to heal your heartache.

Here are five ways you can make the holidays more manageable after a breakup.

1. Don't watch holiday romance movies. Seriously, you may want to on some level of self torture want to watch them. Don't. It will only make you think of what could be. Maybe he or she is going to propose and only broke it off in order to surprise me! Nope, that kind of thing only tends to happen in the movies so lets just leave it there.

2. Spend the evening preparing a big home cooked meal. Don't cook? Order out for a good meal. This will arm you with comfort food. Often times we tend to neglect ourselves after we go through a tough breakup. Treat yourself to a delicious meal for one and you will soon find that full belly makes you feel a little better this holiday season.

3. Drive around that fancy pants neighborhood and look at holiday lights. Heck, you can even daydream about the houses and living in them. That might help take your mind off things for a while and maybe even give you a goal to reach ie saving up enough to own one of those monster houses.

4. Plan a girl or guys night out sans significant others. You'll need this time to bond and there are plenty of singles activities you can do around the holidays.

5. Come up with hilarious answers for your family if they ask about what happened with your s/o. You know they are going to ask so why not practice how you'll answer. Coming up with a shocking answer and watching their faces is almost guaranteed to make you feel better.

Breakups suck no matter what time of year they happen. Holidays seem to be the hardest however but if you follow these five things you will see that it's not as bad as you may have previously thought.

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