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Five Ways to Look, Live and Feel Younger

Everyone wants the secret to losing weight and my top five ways to lose weight aren’t just about exercise. If you’re looking to lose a few or just live a bit healthier check out my tips on how to look, live and feel your best in five easy steps. (This post is sponsored by Yoplait but my love of fruit and good yogurt is 100% my own.)

1. Take a hike! Getting outdoors is a not only refreshing but can boost your energy levels as well.. If you can’t get to a mountain, just taking a walk and noticing the neighborhood can open up your mind, reduce stressful cortisol leves and even burn a few calories. Plus the exercise revs up your metabolism and can help you get a better night’s rest. Wear a comfortable hiking shoe or walking shoe that provides stability and cushion.

2. Be Fruitful! The key to a great diet is eating more fruits and vegetables. a new Yoplait family member is Yoplait Fruitful which contains 1/3 cup of real fruit. Plus it has the benefits of yogurt that’s high in calcium and live active cultures or “probiotics”. Probiotics are the good bacteria that help promote digestive health while fruit provides the anti-oxidants you need to boost your immune system. Everyone needs to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

3. Jump on it! Believe it or not jumping whether with a rope or not helps the body build muscle and coordination. Adding jump rope or jumping on one foot can help strengthen the lower body stabilizer muscles and improve your overall muscle tone. It also is a great intense form of cardio, so alternate 30 seconds of jumping rope or hopping forward and back on one foot with a strength move to create an fat blasting bootcamp style workout. Check out Insanity workouts which combine many of these jump style moves into progressing workouts.

4. Veg out. As important as fruits are to your health, veggies may even provide more vitality. Vegetables have higher levels of fiber compared to many fruits as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Tomatoes have lycopene and peppers have caspian both great anti-inflammatory foods to add to your diet to help your body’s metabolic processes. Many diseases including cancer and cardiovascular diseases can be reduced with eating five vegetables a day.

5.Drink Up! Water makes up 72% of your muscles and 73% of your brain and heart tissues. Making sure you are drinking enough water daily can start with a glass before each meal and one before bed and upon waking. Water should be substituted for higher calorie beverages or alternated. Although knowing whether 6-8 glasses of water is enough for you, it really comes down to your body’s excretion system. Clear urine means you’re probably hydrated. Being thirsty means you’re behind and need to catch up!

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