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Five ways for animal non-profits to reach more Facebook followers

Keep Facebook free for non-profits
Keep Facebook free for non-profits
Philadelphia Animal Welfare Examiner

Most of our followers won't see this posted on Facebook, and that's the problem.

At this point, all organizations should be very familiar with Facebook's latest algorithm, designed to only show a brand's posts to people that Facebook thinks will find them interesting. In fact, page posts now reach only about 1-2% of our followers organically.

This is intended to reduce clutter in our news feeds, but if we're following pages, we want to see what they post. If we feel our news feed is too cluttered, we can choose to unfollow pages. Unfortunately, that's not how it works, and non-profits are hurting the most. Urgent animals have less chance of being saved or helped when they are reaching only a handful of followers.

Non-profits simply don't have the funds to boost posts - because their money and donations are going toward the animals their pages aim to help.

So what can we do?

  1. Encourage followers to visit your page on a regular basis and interact with it by commenting, liking, and sharing as often as possible.
  2. Check your page's insights to see what content your followers are most interested in, then keeping posting things like that.
  3. Use pictures in your posts, as they are known to be more engaging to audiences.
  4. Post multiple times per day to increase your chances of reaching more of your followers.
  5. Host contests or promotions to create excitement on your page.

Also be sure to sign this petition to keep Facebook free for non-profits.

Have other tips for helping non-profits succeed on Facebook? Share them below.

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