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Five ways to get that business interview

Stay fresh with job searches during the winter because even though things are slow employers are still reviewing resumes and job applications. The winter months are frustrating for everyone because it is a cold season but while many are staying indoors you can follow the hints below to get that job interview.

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1) Refresh resume; read through resume and if it needs updating of job skills or job experience then add those updates.

2) Update your Linked In profile; visit your profile page and refresh the words of your summary to draw in more connections.

3) Update job website accounts with new resume; log into your current accounts and upload the new resume just built so every employer can now review it.

4) Visit new job websites; make a plan to research job site accounts and create two accounts, upload your job resume onto website then start the next phase of your job searching plan.

5) Using the example of five job websites accounts; every week find two positions you are interested in and apply for it. That equals 10 jobs per week you have applied for. Now if you were to have 10 job websites and planned applying for two jobs per website that’s 20 jobs in one week you have applied for which you can be quite proud of accomplishing.

The goal of this little exercise is it keeps you busy during the winter months, it brushes up your resume, and it lets employers know you want to be hired and work for them. Good luck with getting that job interview!

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