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Five ways to get free food

Learn how to get free food.
Learn how to get free food.
Photo by pointnshoot via Flickr

Any wise person will tell you that free items are worth taking if they prosper you. One thing that we all can prosper from is a good meal. Therefore, here are five ways to get free food.


If you know of somebody who is having a cookout, be sure to attend. Make sure you do your part in providing a dish, drinks, utensils, or napkins. Then, when you leave, be sure to grab a plate or more of leftovers to take with you.


If your company is hosting a luncheon, make sure you are in attendance. Even if you do not care to go, the meal is free. Also, you may just learn something or meet somebody new.


When walking through grocery stores or the malls' food courts, take advantage of samples. You may find a new food that you like. Personally, I at times will circle through the food court at a mall just to grab samples here and there to fulfill my hunger.

Loyalty rewards

If you are a fan of a specific restaurant, check to see if they have any loyalty rewards cards. Many popular restaurants will reward you with free food for frequent visits and purchases.


Last but not the least, watch your mailbox, newspaper, and online advertisements for coupons. My wife and friends always find ways to eat for free and be satisfied.

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