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Five ways to dominate in ‘WWE SuperCard’

With the release of “WWE SuperCard” on iOS and Android devices yesterday, many gamers have wondered if there are any ways to get better in a game so simple. Although rudimentary in approach, there are several strategies you can employ to make sure you get those super cool ultra rare, epic and legend cards for your deck so you can smack down your opponents.

Five ways to dominate in ‘WWE SuperCard’-slide0
2K Sports
Five ways to dominate in ‘WWE SuperCard’
2K Sports

Check out our five tips to help you get the deck of your dreams.

5: Play King of the Ring Mode: Sure, you can just play exhibition matches, but only in King of the Ring will you get access to better cards. Although it takes a ton of time to get through the over 40 matches and you have to babysit your team through the matches, the rewards are well worth it.

4: Refill Your Energy in King of the Ring: Playing through a King of the Ring mode, you’ll see teams with better decks, but they fail to refill their energy. Playing through the exhibition modes, you’ll eventually get energy refills. When you see your team is running low. Refill them. It’s the key to victory.

3: Use Boosts in King of the Ring: Like the refill energy cards, the boosts will help you in two ways, one being giving a weaker team a boost in a specific trait and two, making your already strong team even better. Much like the energy refill cards, they are a must.

2: Try as Many Different Pairs as You Can: Many great cards in “WWE SuperCard” aren’t compatible at all and when paired together, don’t provide the user with any benefits. Sometimes it’s a weird team, Luke Harper and Mr. McMahon for instance, that are compatible and yield a 10 percent boost in stats when paired together. Try as many teams as you can and you’ll have a stronger deck and find more success.

1: Play Until Your Fingers Fall Off: Playing exhibition mode will allow you access to cards to train your team, get access to energy and boosts and more chances at rare cards. Playing King of the Ring will put you in the running for the cards that are almost impossible to get anywhere else. A good balance between King of the Ring and Exhibition matches will eventually, over time, give you the team you want.