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Five ways to de-stress to lose weight


When life has extra stress, sometimes a diet and exercise regimen can be “one more thing I have to do” and add to your stress. Here are five ways to avoid that problem, and keep your weight loss goals.

1. Compromise. If your obligations in life are stressing you out, then your inner decision about diet and exercise may be part of the overall stress. Ease up. Having a few more calories might prevent you from bingeing.

2. Relax. Techniques for relaxation are easy to do. We just forget to do them. Close your eyes, count how long it takes to inhale and exhale. Tell your body to relax. It takes a minute and lasts for a long time.

3. Add more exercise. Putting pressure on yourself isn’t helpful, but once you’re already exercising, the act of exercise can help you distress, and if you want to ease up your diet reigns, adding a little more exercise might compensate for a few extra calories. If you walk a mile, walk a mile and a half.

4. Focus on the positive. Think about the benefit of your diet and exercise for the long run. Compliment yourself for being on a diet and having an exercise routine. If you skip a day or a week due to stress, that’s okay because over the long run, you’re headed in the right direction.

5. Cut yourself slack. If you do fall off the wagon for a day or a week, don’t self criticize. You’re a human being and life has ups and downs. Remind yourself that you are committed in general to a healthy lifestyle and value being at a healthy weight and in general you are doing well.

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