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Five ways to attract more readers to your blog

Here are five things that you can start doing to get more exposure for your blog and attract more readers:

Five ways to attract more readers to your blog

Speak to you readers directly. Imagine that they are in the same room with you. In order to do this, you will need to get to know your audience by learning what interests them. Your writing will resonate well with your readers if you speak to them in the first and second person. See First, Second, and Third Person. This helps them to feel like you know and can relate to them.

Blog on a regular basis. If you post consistently each week, your readers will get in the habit of looking for your posts. Going long periods without posting means you will lose your readers and the people who are dedicated to sharing your articles. See 5 reasons why you should update your blog regularly.

Share quality content. Provide helpful information. Help your readers identify challenges that they have. After you address challenges, show your expertise by outlining specific resolutions to those problems. Share stories they can relate to. See: 5 steps to creating high quality content for your marketing promotions

Use great visuals. Use good quality photographs, infographics, and illustrations. Share video and any form of media that will enhance your blog post and help to entertain and inform your readers. With Pinterest especially, make sure your content is pinnable. See Six Simple Tools for Creating Social Media Visuals.

Promote your posts across all networks. People go to the social networks where they are most comfortable. Not everyone wants to be on Facebook and Twitter. Develop relationships with people on Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other networks where you can reach people who may not see you elsewhere. Share your articles, and like and comment on other posts. See How to Increase Your Social Media Reach: Tailor Content to Different Platforms.

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