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Five Ways being an Intellectual Affects your Dating Life

There are many different kinds of people in this world, including the intellectuals...also known as bookworms, nerds, and other terms that may or may not really apply to every intellectual in the world. An intellectual is really just someone who thinks things through before making decisions, rather than jumping into life with their eyes closed and fingers crossed. They do often enjoy learning and may be extremely booksmart as opposed to streetsmart, but that only assists them when it comes time to assess situations.

Being an intellectual will not significantly affect every area of your life, however, there are some ways that your dating life will be affected if you are an intellectual. Some of them will be negative and some will be positive. The following are five ways that your romantic relationships can be affected by your intellectual ways.

1-You may be considered to be a "stuffed shirt" type who is unable to let loose and have fun. Try and remember to smile, rather than having that intellectual thinking expression when you're out looking for love. No furrowed eyebrows, no squinting eyes, and no downturned mouths! Even if you are assessing them from the inside out, there is no need for you to let the world know it. Show that you really can be happy and have a good time. Everyone can, including the intellect, so get out there and do it.

2-People who are not intellectuals themselves may feel threatened by your intelligence. You are probably a quick thinker and a great arguer, which can make a potential partner feel put off. No one wants to be in a relationship where they feel like they are going to lose every argument just because they aren't as quick to come up with the answers and comebacks as you are.

3-You may have been teased in school and left with the proverbial chip on your shoulder or a case of low self-esteem that will need work in order for you to enjoy a truly healthy romantic relationship. These are both problems when it comes to developing good relationships in the dating arena, so you are going to have to move past them and overcome them prior to finding Mr. or Miss Wonderful.

4-You may have a black and white personality and tend towards being overly judgmental. When in a relationship or out on a date, you should try to keep your conversation from sounding like a cross-examination or judgement in a courtroom. Work on your listening skills and try not to jump to conclusions or interrupt with your strongly intelligent opinions too often.

5-You may be more hesitant than other people about getting involved in emotionally based relationships. This can be both a positive and a negative. On the good side, you may avoid some potentially terrible situations, but on the other, you may wait too long and miss out on some of life's beautiful opportunities.

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