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Five Valentine's Workouts

So it's Valentine's Day and you still want to get in a workout. No problem, make it a couple's workout. Rule #1: make it fun for everyone involved.

1. Couple's Run, Ride or Swim

This is a triathlon article so the go-to workout for Valentine's for triathloning couples, a fun run, ride or swim. Make it short and sweet and fun.

2. House of Cards

Take a deck of cards to your local park, your backyard or your living room. Pick an exercise for each "suit" (aka diamonds = pushups; hearts = burpees, etc). Then, start flipping the deck and the number on the card correlates to the number of reps for the given exercise!

3. Keep it simple with a couple's walk/hike

This can be a family affair if you have kids or fur-babies. Go for a walk in the neighborhood or find a hike to take the family on. Hold hands and enjoy.

4. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to de-stress and relax, both great activities to do with your partner. Whether you find a class to take together or you do your own practice living-room style, find a place to put your mats side-by-side.

5. Try something new

Never been skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, paint balling, etc. Go try it TOGETHER. Find something that appeals to you both, be adventurous and go after it.