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Five unexpected causes of wrinkles

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Almost everyone is aware that photo-aging from too much sun accumulated through the years is the main cause of wrinkles, followed closely by smoking. The aging process itself leads to wrinkles and lines, but that process could be slowed dramatically by using a daily moisturizing sunscreen, not smoking and avoiding other causes of wrinkles.

Here are five unexpected causes of wrinkles:

1. Using a washcloth and towel. Skin care writers often recommend light to moderate scrubbing with a washcloth and towel to cleanse the face. While this might work well on a car, scrubbing your face with a washcloth and rubbing it with a towel pulls at the skin and can cause the delicate system that supports the skin to break down in places, leading to wrinkles. While a soft towel is fine for drying the face, it should be gently patted or pressed onto the skin, never rubbed.

2. Sleeping on your stomach or side. The best position to avoid wrinkles is to sleep on your back. Any position that pushes your face into a mattress or pillow can both pull the skin as you move your head in your sleep as well as cause "temporary" wrinkles and folds, much like occur in fabric if you lay on top of it. Younger skin will spring back from those morning wrinkles, but over time, some of the wrinkles and creases become permanent.

3. Not wearing sunglasses. When you are driving, walking outdoors, etc. your eyes tend to squint. Even occasional light squinting causes creases around the eyes, and those creases deepen over time.

4. Drinking with a straw. When you drink with a straw, you are pursing your mouth much like a smoker would. This causes wrinkles and lines to form around the mouth, nose, cheeks and chin.

5. Jogging. Jogging is great exercise and it does help circulate blood and oxygen to the skin, which is a benefit. However, jogging can also jar the skin and may loosen and tear the microscopic attachments that bind muscle to skin, leading to sagging and wrinkles.

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