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Five types of men to avoid dating

There is an old saying that one should never judge a book by its cover. Yet, they never say anything about judging it after reading midway through the first chapter. Think about how much time, energy and heartache a woman could save if she could determine if the man she is dating is relationship material? Keep in mind that there are many ingredients to sustain a healthy relationship, but the most important thing a woman could do is choose wisely. How could she make the right decisions unless she knows what to look for? Knowing precisely what she wants will avoid those awkward situations before she gets in too deep and winds up heartbroken.

There are five types of men to avoid dating: THE PLAYER, the touchy-feely, the serial bachelor, the man-boy, and the inattentive.
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Is he Mr. Wrong or Mr. Right?
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Let's face it; dating is rough. No one knows who people are until the moment their true colors surface. Whether that moment occurs when a couple expresses their true feelings or when they have their first big disagreement, it is difficult to pin-point who someone really is before getting bitten by the love bug. Once feelings come into play, it becomes harder to just simply walk away.

Yes, women are for giving a man a chance. But as women approach a certain age, she realizes that there is no "perfect man" out there. Women are going to have to be more "flexible" with her "list" if she does not intend to be single forever. Sometimes the seemingly most unapproachable man is the one most women would not normally go for. So, throw out that list, be open-minded and set reasonable qualities. With that being said, there are still those certain types of men that all women should avoid during dating.

These Mr. Wrong's are easy to spot. But women keep dating them. From players to touchy-feely types, women will fall for that cheesy line, disregard her list, compromise her wants and desires, and date these losers. Stop! Although it gets tough out there in the dating game and the pickings seem slim, staying with Mr. Wrong will never lead anyone to Mr. Right. If Mr. Right Now is one or a combination of any of the five types below, cut your loses and move on.

  • Type 1: The Player.
  • Type 2: The Touchy-Feely.
  • Type 3: The Serial Bachelor.
  • Type 4: The Man-Boy.
  • Type 5: The Inattentive.
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