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Five toxin carriers your family should avoid

It's surprising how many toxins your shoes carry.
It's surprising how many toxins your shoes carry.
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The world is full of deadly toxins. How do we protect our family? While some toxins are unavoidable, there is something we can do to prevent others from entering our homes. How is it possible to cut down on the amount of toxins carried into our homes? Where do they come from anyway? Here are five sources of deadly toxins you may not have thought about until now.

The body, clothing and personal effects of smokers.

Even if a smoker is careful to smoke outdoors only, their habit can be a threat to family members. Yes, even if they never smoke within fifty to one hundred feet of loved ones. Why? Recently, scientists have found that the body, clothing and personal effects of smokers carry deadly toxins into the home. The residue of smoking is hazardous to the health of your family. Just another great reason to quit.

Your shoes are a breeding ground for germs and toxins.

Old timers with their mud rooms were trying to save themselves a little mopping. Now we know mud rooms keep toxin levels down in the home as well. It's common sense that shoes carry everything we walk through into the home. How can we avoid this toxin carrier? Simply leave your shoes outside the door.

It might surprise you to know your own hair is a prime toxin carrier.

Your hair is a sponge for every toxin you encounter on a daily basis. Think about how your hair smells when you spend time with friends who smoke or after you sit around a campfire. Smoke isn't the only thing your hair absorbs. Wash your hair daily to keep toxin levels down in your home.

The fact that your hands carry toxins may not surprise you.

Still, we normally think of washing our hands to rid ourselves of germs. It's good practice to wash your hands when you first arrive home. Don't forget to scrub your nails and arms too. This is especially true if you work around toxic chemicals. Even if you don't touch anything you think is hazardous, toxins are everywhere we go. You can pick them up by simply touching a doorknob, just like with germs.

Toxins float on fresh breezes.

Airing out the house may not be as healthy as you think. Even if you don't live in the city, there are trace amounts of toxins in the air you breathe daily. In house air may even be worse than outdoor air due to mold, fumes from non-stick pans, carpeting and other materials used in your home. Think about getting an indoor air purifier. Not only will this cut down on toxins, it will help with allergens.


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Portions of this article were previously published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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