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Five tips to make meal planning a breeze

Never draw a meal plan blank again
Never draw a meal plan blank again

One of the biggest complaints about meal planning, aside from not having the time, is the lack of menu ideas to sustain regular, weekly meal planning. Don’t try to recreate the wheel, instead follow these tips to make your meal planning almost effortless.

  1. Make a master, go-to meal list
  2. Travel around the Internet to your favorite culinary magazine websites
  3. Join a Cooking Facebook group or message board
  4. Peruse your favorite restaurant menus
  5. Keep a copy of your previous meal plan and grocery lists

Meal planning part I: The basics

Begin with the meal plan. It is a good idea to create your shopping list while you are creating your meal plan. This way you will not miss an ingredient in your dish. I have found that it helps to note the number of the meal to the corresponding ingredient within parentheses. This way if an ingredient is needed for more than one meal, I am able to figure how much of that ingredient to buy and as I use it, I know how much to reserve for other meals.

My fully created, pdf version of this meal plan/grocery list can be downloaded HERE.

Once you have mastered the Meal Planning Part I, you are ready to move on to Meal planning part II: The shopping plan

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