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Five tips to help you best the 'Dota 2' Year Beast

It's just about time for the 3rd Year Beast encounter.
It's just about time for the 3rd Year Beast encounter.
Jordan Brill

The Year Beast returns for a third time February 11th at 4:00 PM PST and with it comes another chance at Jade Tokens, high scores, and the elusive red and jade hoof couriers. Getting high scores can be as frustrating as it can be difficult but these five tips should give you an edge in besting this cycle's beast.

5: Coordinate your picks- Take the necessary time in the hero select screen to see who is picking what. While there are plenty of viable heroes, not all of them work well together. You don't want a team full of heroes who need 6 slots for their items because you won't have mines or fireworks. At the same time you don't want too many heroes who can't put out raw damage. A good standard for a team is to have one hero who has 3 slots open, ideally warlock. After that you can have a semi support who has 2 slots open, invoker works perfectly in this role. After that you can have your last 3 be raw damage and 5-6 slot with items.

4: Coordinate your items- Before the boss comes, out communicate with your team about who is getting what items. There are plenty of necessary items you only need one of, like medallion, assault, desolator, vlads, ect. Make sure your team has all of them as you can sacrifice a little of your personal damage to increase the whole team's, it will be worth it.

3: Be a team player- There are going to be plenty of people who aren't completely acclimated to this new mode. Sometimes they will die a lot or pick a hero who isn't ideal. Getting angry at them isn't going to help so try to be supportive. If they die to a mechanic, try to tell them to be more careful or give them advice on how to avoid it. This is really only viable with voice chat but the last thing you want to do is offend them, this will only lead to them performing worse.

2: Focus your attacks- Make sure your entire team is attacking the same target. There are three targets to attack and sometimes everyone happens to attack different targets. With desolator and medallion it's important to make sure that everyone is attacking the targets with the reduced armor. This will help bring down the tail and horn faster and allow your team more time to put damage on the body while they are down.

1: Use summons to revive teammates- Summons like Warlock golems and Lone Druid's Bear can revive allies, this is incredibly useful especially during his fireball phase as warlock golems are invulnerable to the fireball's damage. If you use this properly you can keep your team coming back from the grave regularly.

0: Don't clump while you revive- The title says five tips but surprise, here's a bonus tip. You can use your force boots right before reaching your revive target to force past their corpse and revive them without standing on them. If multiple people do this while reviving a target, they will not be next to each other which prevents the beast from interrupting you all at the same time. Even if your allies don't do this, you can usually find enough distance alone to keep the beast from hitting all of you at once.

Now that you've got these tips, it's time to get out there and get those tokens. If you have any tips or comments yourself please throw them in the comments below.

Good luck!

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