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Five thousand American-Muslims to attend annual convention



  • Vince Albanov-Examiner 5 years ago

    Does the Koran mention the famous Alexander the Great? The Catholic Christian bible does in First Maccabees 1:1-8.

  • Qamar Ahmad - Atlanta Muslim Examiner 5 years ago


    Very interesting question. I think your general question is about prophecies in the Muslim scripture (obviously, we can't dictate to God what to put in His book. Conversely, there may be a prophecy in the Quran and not in the Bible). Yes there are prophecies in Quran and other sources that have been fulfilled and continue to be fulfilled. Prophecies provide an insight into a scripture's divine origin. see As Muslims we believe that God continues to vouchsafe his beloved servants with revelation and knowledge of the unseen.

    My personal interest however, is in a scripture's alignment with science and whether it encourages rational dialogue and pursuit of knowledge and promotes scientific discovery.

    Thanks for asking...

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