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Five things you can do for Ferguson MO.

Ferguson rally 8/30/2014
Ferguson rally 8/30/2014
Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

Despite the incident in Ferguson being three weeks old, hundreds of people still protested yesterday in what could be called a movement now. While most of America would like equality among the skin tones, many people suffer today from racism. And even if the just reforms to police behavior aren’t effected in rural Missouri, there are things that people can do all over to increase love and respect for all people.

1. Realize that all human beings, no matter what they look like on the outside have similar needs and desires. We all want love and respect. We all want happiness. We care about family and wish the world was a better place. We would like there to be less hunger. We all have many basic human desires in common.

2. Focus your attention less on the bad things people do, and more on the good. These may seem obvious to some, but when you identify a skin color with a certain behavior, you’re branding those who aren’t involved in that behavior. If two people have the same skin color and one robs a store and the other becomes a brain surgeon, the skin color obviously is not the relevant factor. Its illogical to brand others with the same character that they may or may not have.
If you do this well, you will always temper your racism with some logic.

3. Just try. It’s human nature to make assumptions about others based on the superficial; they way they look, wear their hair, dress, etc. We don’t expect all people to be color blind. But we should all try. If you realize that you’re a tiny bit racist, and you make an effort to be a tiny bit less, that effort reverberates throughout the world. Good things spread. This is a spiritual rule.

4. Look for something awesome. Every race was designed by the Infinite. Each nation may have something negative, but it is also necessarily so that each nation has something awesome the rest of us can learn from. If you adopt something positive from every other race, you’ll gather lots of benefits.

5. Realize the soul is the most important part of a person. A soul is not colored. It just is. We each have infinite potential.

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