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Five things women don't want in a man

This man is exhibiting undesirable behaviors in a relationship. Don't let this be you.
This man is exhibiting undesirable behaviors in a relationship. Don't let this be you.
Relationship advice

Many women have checklists for things they desire in a man. But what’s lesser known are things that will make a woman turn on her heels and run. These things aren’t on the checklist, they are habits and personality traits that may evolve after a few months into a relationship. There are plenty of things that can cause a woman to end a relationship in without hesitation, some of the more obvious behaviors are cheating, lying, spying, and being abusive. But these behaviors don’t make the list because they are things women are programmed to stay away from.

This list is to serve as a warning for men who may unknowingly fall into a pattern of behavior. Should these habits begin to rear their ugly heads, it is up to him to recognize it, and correct it immediately before she decides it’s the relationship isn’t worth the hassle.

A man who is too clingy, needy or possessive

It’s one thing to enjoy spending time with the person you’re involved with. But when quality time morphs into a man’s inability to stay away from his girlfriend because of an irrational fear of losing her, or because an unwarranted distrust, then the relationship is likely headed for the splitsville fast. People need their space. Even married couples have the ability to be away from each other for a day. Women want to know that they are appreciated. They don’t want to feel like they are an object to be possessed by a man.

A man who needs his mommy

Women like men who know what they want, and who know how to go after it. They like men who take charge, can make their own decisions and don’t need to be told what to do in every aspect in the their lives. When a man needs help making decisions all the time or can’t pick out a suit to wear to work on Monday, it could very well turn his woman off. Women want to be, to quote Katy Perry, “you’re lover not your mother.” Needing her to do everything for you is something that is acceptable after marriage, not before.

A man who won't try new things

Women like do things they’ve never done and try foods new and exotic foods they’ve never tasted. Often times, women want the men in their lives to live new experiences with them. When a man just won’t try the new Indian restaurant, or go the foreign film because it’s subtitled and he just doesn’t like to experience new things, it could lead to the relationship coming to a halt. Women don’t want to have to beg men to do things with them, saying no every now and again happens yes, but when a man refuses to do anything she wants to do because it takes him out of his comfort zone, she will eventually find someone who’s happily willing to try new things with her.

A man who can't laugh at himself

Humor is usually an absolute must for women. Women like guys who make them laugh, they also like me who can laugh at themselves. Women see men who take themselves too seriously as men who don’t know how to have fun. If a man can’t laugh at the fact that he made a silly mistake that has her rolling in tears, then his lack of a sense of humor could lead to the downfall of the relationship.

A man who won't ask for help

It’s a known fact that men protect their pride at all costs, but being too stubborn to ask for directions, help with a big task or tough decision, or even a personal problem can be a turnoff for women. It also affects the way women look at men. When a man has so much pride that it pushes away the woman in his life, he should rethink the way he handles certain situations. The problem may not be obvious to a woman, but she can sense when something isn’t right, so when it gets to a point that it begins to affect the way he interacts with her, she might ask about it once or twice. If he is too proud to tell her about it or ask for help with it, she might be more inclined to cut and run before it’s too late.


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