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Five things to know about the second half of 'The 100''s first season

Bob Morely and Eliza Taylor in "The 100."
Bob Morely and Eliza Taylor in "The 100."
The CW/Katie Yu

Bellamy (Bob Morley) has gone to extreme lengths to be his sister Octavia's (Marie Avgeropoulos) protector on "The 100," going so far as to shoot Chancellor Jaha (Isaiah Washington) in order to win himself a place on the original drop ship to Earth. But now Octavia has gone missing, and, on tonight's episode, Bellamy desperately leads his crew into danger as they search for her in Grounder territory.

So what lies ahead for the rest of the season? At last weekend's WonderCon roundtable for "The 100," Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg teased five things coming up:

No. 1. The Story of the Grounders Will Be Told

It was a Grounder who captured Octavia and took her back to his cave. As we move forward, we will begin to peel back the layers of the Grounder world. Naturally, we identify with the humans who came down on the ship, but truth be told, they are actually the invaders who landed on someone else's turf.

"The [Grounders were] fighting somebody else before we got there," Rothenberg says. "It's not like that guy saw somebody come from the sky, put on those clothes and weapons and everything that we see him in. By the end of the season, we will tell that whole story. We will see who's bad, who's worse and who is the worst. I won't say good because everybody is seemingly aggressive and a threat, so in terms of going forward, that's what the story becomes."

2. Will the Ark land on Earth?

Once communication is established between the Ark and Earth, those left behind will know they can survive on the planet. But the problem at that point will be how they get down. The ship that the kids were sent down on was quickly put together following instructions from Project Exodus, a return-to-earth plan that was put in place when the Ark was created. But it will take a while to create the required drop ships from sections of the Ark for the rest of the population.

3. Did the 320 Volunteers Die in Vain?

According to Rothenberg, they did not. They need the extra time. He says, "I knew from day one that eventually that would have to happen and that the signal would come too late. That certainly was what happened. I think that is a smart question because you could look at it as, they were wrong, that didn't have to happen, but in the long run of the story, certainly, it had to happen. Not to spoil too much."

4. What will Happen on the Ark When They Discover That Earth is Habitable?

Even as Rothenberg states that the 320 did not die in vain, he admits that not everyone on the Ark may see it that way, and just as there was a Lord of the Flies element on the ground, something similar could happen on the Ark when the population discovers that maybe the people who volunteered to give up their lives for their loved ones didn't have to do so.

"I personally have two children," he says. "I would like to think that I would die for them, but you really don't know until that moment happens. They will be really pissed off when they find out that [those in power] knew that the ground was survivable, or that they should have known. So, yes, that will blow up in everybody's face. The Ark is not going to be any easier of an environment for those people than the ground is for The 100."

5. Backstory Will be Revealed

More backstory of how things got to be the way they are will be unfolded as we head to the finale. Tonight, flashbacks will reveal Bellamy's and Octavia's childhood on the Ark and explain their close connection. Also coming up, there will be a few episodes in which people talk about how things came to be and how the space stations came together to form the Ark.

"The 100" airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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