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Five things to do before Labor Day: Part one

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If you’re like most people, you have a list of things that you need to work on and accomplish by a certain time period. Whether it’s something to do in the near-term or a plan that takes you out a few years, it wouldn’t be surprising if you haven’t yet made a dent or even given two thoughts about being able to cross it off your list.

Truth is that is an all-too common occurrence in this day in age. Whether we’re busy with work, building our careers, or spending time with our families, a lot of the things we should be doing for ourselves get put to the wayside.

Let’s challenge ourselves for once to accomplish some of those things on the list before Labor Day by completing these five things. Even if these aren’t on your list, perhaps they should be.

  • Look into higher education – many of us have thought about enrolling in school as a new student or going back to finish something we started. We may also have been eyeing a certificate program or maybe a higher-level degree that would get us to the next stage in our career. Now is a great time to contact the schools you’re interested in enrolling with and obtaining material. With the offering of online courses and programs, it’s even easier for a busy professional to complete the education requirement that’s been sitting on the list for quite some time.
  • Update your resume – when is the last time you even looked at your resume? Many people only update their resume when they’re getting ready to apply for a new job, which could mean your resume hasn’t been reviewed in years. Editing your resume and keeping it updated can be seen as a record of the things you’ve accomplished. If you don’t regularly look at what you have listed about yourself, you could forget to include major successes.. In addition, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pull it out, review it quickly, and then hit “send” when it comes to applying to a new job instead of spending hours on end editing it?

Stay tuned for part two of this article, which will include the final three things on the list to accomplish before Labor Day.