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Five things that can ruin a relationship

Let go of the bad and make way for a new start.
Let go of the bad and make way for a new start.

Relationships can either be extremely successful or completely disastrous. Although some factors that send a relationship spiraling downward are uncontrollable, there are a few key things that you can do to help prevent the failure of your relationship. Follow these steps and as long as your partner is following them as well, you will be set on the right track for a successful relationship.

The first thing to avoid is lying. The moment you begin to lie in a relationship is the moment you are setting it up for failure. Once you tell a little lie, you are forced to tell yet another lie to cover up the first one. This can sometimes be referred to as the snowball effect. Before you know it, the entire relationship is based on a lie. Sure there are some ‘white lies’ when it comes to a surprise you are throwing or a present. But other than that, steer clear of the lying.

The second thing you should avoid is cheating. It is pretty obvious that cheating ruins a relationship. Even if they forgive you and take you back; the trust will never be 100 percent again. With the trust being gone, it is only a matter of time before the relationship unravels. If you are unhappy and fall for someone else, it is best to just end your current relationship before acting upon your feelings.

Over thinking is the third thing to avoid while trying to maintain a serious relationship. If you begin to over think every little thing your partner does, you might just literally go crazy. No one is happy all the time while they are in a relationship. Just because your partner isn’t giving you all of their attention randomly, doesn’t mean they are thinking of leaving. Sometimes people just need their own space. Though it is good to guard your heart a little, do not over analyze every little thing your partner does.

The “what ifs” are the fourth things that can ruin a relationship and are similar to the over thinking. If you dwell on ‘what ifs’ such as; “what if they fall for someone else”, “what if we start arguing a lot”, “what if I give them all my love just for them to break my heart”, then you will spend your whole relationship worrying. What good is a relationship if you are worrying all the time? It is best to let go of the ‘what ifs’ to make room for reality.

One of the biggest factors that can put any relationship in hardships is if you linger in the past and start comparing. While it is alright to know the difference between your current relationship and your past relationships, you should not compare every detail of the two partners. This will distract you from making your current relationship work. Your exes are in the past for a reason and that is where they should stay. Don’t make your prior relationships your future or else your current relationship will end up like the past.

When you are in a relationship, you have to take the good with the bad. This does not mean to create the ‘bad’ by lying, cheating, over thinking, ‘what if-ing’ and lingering on the past. If you want your relationship to prosper and thrive, you need to have a new start. Take in to consideration what you went through in the past, maybe even guard your heart a bit but remember that they are not your ex. They have not made the mistakes that your ex has made therefore you cannot hold your past against them.

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