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Five things needed for a good tailgating experience

Tailgating food at the Milwaukee Brewers opening day game
Tailgating food at the Milwaukee Brewers opening day game
Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Football season is a great time for tailgating. Alabama loves a good tailgating experience almost as much as it does a good football game. Here are five things needed for a good tailgating experience.

FOOD is an absolute necessity for a good tailgate. Great tailgating foods include bratwursts, wings, burgers, and other finger foods. To keep cold foods cold, place them in a separate cooler from any beverages at the tailgate, ensuring that raw foods are not stored with ready to eat foods.

DRINKS are important to help keep tailgating revelers from getting thirsty. And while adult beverages are enjoyed by many at a tailgate, water is essential for hydration during hot weather. Plus, there needs to be sodas, juices, and Gatorade available for those who cannot or choose not to drink adult beverages. (Don't forget, someone has to drive home, and they need to be sober in order to safely drive! DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!)

PEOPLE are an important part of a tailgate. What fun is it to celebrate all by yourself? Be sure to invite family and friends to celebrate with you, especially if they are cheering for the same team as you do!

ENTERTAINMENT is important for a tailgate. This will usually take the form of a portable stereo system or television. (How else can you follow the game?)

A FOOTBALL GAME is the most important part of a tailgate party. Why would you celebrate on a day when your team is not playing a home game? The atmosphere at a football game calls for a celebration!

The five items necessary for a tailgate party are food, drinks, people, entertainment, and a football game. Enjoy football season by getting out there and tailgating at a football game.

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