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Five steps for setting, achieving business goals

Research shows that less than 10% of the people in the business world take the time to set written goals and objectives. In fact, most business people spend more time planning their weekends and vacations than they spend mapping their careers.

The three main reasons for this tremendous waste of human potential are that people have a fear of failure, they think they are too busy, and they simply don't know how to set goals.

The solution to this challenge is actually quite simple, and it can be accomplished one person and one company at a time. The shift can take place from the bottom up as each individual employee starts to set goals; or from the top down as an entire organization focuses more on goal setting. Once business people make the decision to start setting written goals and objectives, the rest is actually very easy.

By following this five-step goal setting formula anyone can turn their goals and dreams into reality:

  1. Write down the most important short term and long term goals and then establish a target completion date.

  2. Ask yourself why this goal is important.
  3. Establish the actual steps to success that need to be taken on a daily basis to turn the goal from a dream into reality.

  4. Visualize what your or your organization's life will be like once the goal is accomplished.

  5. Inspect what you expect by keeping track of the progress and challenges.

As more business people and organizations invest the time to set goals and objectives, a tipping point will be reached which will unleash incredible amounts of human potential and production.


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