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Five simple tips to increase your wealth and ease your budget

In this product image released by Money Savvy Generation, a piggy bank with four sections, each labeled with the different things you can do with your money: Save, Spend, Donate and Invest, is shown.(AP Photo/Money Savvy Generation)
(AP Photo/Money Savvy Generation)

If you’ve found your way to this web page, chances are you’re feeling the pinch of a downturned economy. Not to despair! There are five simple feng shui techniques you can use in under an hour --which don’t cost anything-- that will promote abundance and prosperity to replenish your coffers. (Hopefully, once these cures start working, you’ll still come back to read more about free/cheap events in Honolulu!)

1)    Clean your stove and use it often. The oven is the metaphorical savings account of your home.  Using it often is said to promote the right conditions to make positive ch'i energy want to stay around in your home’s financial sector.  Equally important to using it, is cleaning it like your 401k depends on it. Extra credit is given when you use that cleansing time to envision this cure taking effect and money flowing freely throughout your life. Positive thinking is key!

2)    Close the lid on your toilet! Every time! Not only will this promote a more egalitarian relationship if you reside in a male/female household (because you both have to touch it), but as every guide to feng shui will tell you, that slippery ch'i likes to escape through your toilet when you’re not looking! So keep the lid closed and keep the money in your wallet where it belongs.

3)    Wear something green. While this may sound cheesy, feng shui experts swear by this cure. Money will be attracted to you, which is likely more a side effect of you consciously making the effort to draw it to you rather than any magical powers your clothing may possess. When we are feeling a lack of resources, we tend to pull back, and as a result, we close ourselves off to the wealth we deserve. Next time money is flowing freely throughout your life, take note of how open you feel and how hungry you are for more. (That’s the mindset you should always try to have!) Conversely, when times start to get tough, note the retreat.

4)    Use a money candle.  If you shop at natural foods stores, chances are you have run across Crystal Journey’s money candle, which can be purchased from If the $5.50 price tag is too steep, any candle will likely work. It’s really the intention that’s important. Once you’ve sat with the candle and meditated on the lucre returning to your bank account, try to make that feeling last all day. Your mind will attempt to pull you back into a negative spiral of worry and doubt – but don’t let it! Keep your mind strong and focused on your goal! You have no reason not to and every reason to try to bring success back into your life.

5)    Clean every corner in your home. This feng shui tip applies to more areas than money, as every corner of your house represents a different aspect of your life. Without going into the specifics of which one represents your relationships, business dealings, and so forth - just clean them all! Cleaning every corner will put you into a mental space that will undoubtedly kick-start your finances and leave you feeling centered and optimistic. If you’ve been following so far, you know it's that kind of positive thinking that makes your money breed like rabbits!


  • AJSF 5 years ago

    Interesting stuff! But I'm still not touching that toilet seat.

  • Nad 5 years ago

    Oh I love this! Going shopping for something green tonight!!!!

  • Jess 5 years ago

    I think I have shoes in every corner of my home... and they ARE attracting more shoes! I'll try singles instead.

  • Maile 5 years ago

    Oh i want one of those abundance candles!

  • Makaleka 5 years ago

    They are all right on the money!

  • kaseyc 5 years ago

    My conundrum - little one equals no time to clean. No time to clean equals no money to pay someone to come clean. I suppose I will try upping the amount of green I wear and see if that compensates (hopefully I will not be mistaken for a leprechaun).

  • Marth 5 years ago

    All great ideas here! and if all else fails my house will be clean, it is a win win situation. I like it.
    I do agree that it has a lot to do with positive thinking

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