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Five simple home improvements to do before selling your home

These home improvement projects could help sell your home
These home improvement projects could help sell your home

Selling your home in the current real estate market can be tough. However, there are many home improvements you can make to improve the chances of your home selling.

Paint- Giving your home a face lift through paint is one of these easiest home improvements to do to help sell your home. Have bright pink or green walls in your kid’s room? Paint over the bright colors and stick with neutral colors. While you’re at it, touch up pin holes and areas where paint may be worn. Want to take it further? Hire a professional to paint the exterior of your home. New paint inside and out can make your home look new all over again. For neutral paint color ideas click here.

Roof- If you don’t have the money to get a whole new roof before selling your home, do some simple repairs like replacing missing shingles and getting rid of anything growing on your roof. Someone looking to buy a home doesn’t want to have to replace a roof shortly after buying, so if you can afford to put a new roof on, doing so will be a major selling point for your home.

Organize- A cluttered unorganized home can be a huge turnoff to potential buyers. Throw out items you no longer need or put non-essentials in storage while trying to sell your home. Diving into organizing an entire home can be overwhelming; click here for a place to start and get some ideas. You also want to take family photos and art projects off the walls and fridge. Buyers want to walk into a clean organized home they can picture there family in, not look at yours. So depersonalize the space.

Landscape- Selling your home isn’t all about the inside of the home. Curb appeal is very important. Keep your lawn trimmed, weeds tamed, and your flowers looking fresh. You may even want to consider hiring someone to landscape your home. Want to do it on your own? Try these easy landscaping projects.

Hide pets and kids- This may be a given if selling your home through an agent, but if your selling your home yourself, you may not have thought about where the pets and kids should be when someone comes to look at your house. Plan for your animals and children to be somewhere other than your house when someone comes to look. Buyers don’t want to be bombarded with animals and kids while looking at their new potential home. Along these same lines, make sure you air out your house and/or strategically place air fresheners throughout the house to get rid of any unwanted pet odors.

These five simple home improvements will get you off to a great start in selling your home. They don't require a lot of time or money, making them perfect weekend projects!

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