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Five signs that your good looks are working against you


In the treacherous environment of office politics where everything can and will be used against you, is there such a thing as being too good-looking?journal of applied psychology university of florida office politics

“I think beauty is an advantage in any environment or situation. Of course it won't be a decisive factor in our performances but you can always count on it when developing a network,” says Gabriel Descalu, a corporate recruiter based in Europe.

According to a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology from researchers at the University of Florida, attractive children who received more encouragement in academic endeavors were subjected to more positive interactions with others. The study concluded that being treated better in academic settings meant more substantial advantages for attractive people because of the confidence they acquired, and that translated to higher income.

But what complicates matters is the fact that the cute factor has different and often opposite consequences for male and female employees. Good-looking men are viewed with respect and admiration. Many women, on the other hand, find that a good face and a nice figure incite undue criticism and jealousy.

While many people might scoff at the notion that being attractive can be anything but a boon in the work place, many employees are finding that a prettier/handsomer face often gets in the way of doing a good job.

Here are some signs to recognize if you feel like the work environment has turned on you because of your looks.

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  • Marisa 5 years ago

    I understood this when I had my first job...and when male colleagues was asking personal questions. The unwanted attention really irked my female boss who passed me up for better work. It's true and I had to wear glasses, and dress down much more consciously. The point about jealousy is that, it has absolutely no logic. One is doomed from the start. And being good at work also makes things worse. The only way one can keep the happy medium is to always be firm and yet be polite...keep clearer records of one's work b/c the chances are, your mistakes will be augmented much more than others. I recently had a teamleader who was unkempt, unpolished and sloppy. But one thing she was good at was making "noise" about others. And being that she was intimidated which was pretty obvious, she targeted me. All I did was to keep clear records and make contacts for an exit plan.

  • Rita 5 years ago

    When are women going to get it? Jealousy over looks? Sisters, regardless of your self-image issues we need to unite in solidarity against the male-dominated work place, which drives these issues of image and attractiveness. We are the majority of the work force in America and yet we receive 75% of the pay of our male counterparts doing the same exact job. We need leadership in place of petty resentments and getting organized in place of office politics so we can move forward from this second-class status we have been subjugated to for far too long.

  • Sid Rosenstein 5 years ago

    Directly above Rita's comments is an advertisement for "1 Tip to a Skinny Stomach"