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Five Samsung Galaxy S5 features and specs the Galaxy S4 doesn't have

Samsung fingerprint scanner lets you send payments using PayPal

Samsung’s new addition to its Galaxy S series smartphone lineup boasts new features that promise to help simplify your life. The Galaxy S5 sports exclusive specs that you won't find on its predecessor, the Galaxy S4.

Released in April 2013, the Galaxy S4 is less than a year old and is currently getting a software refresh. As CNET reports (Feb.26), S4 device owners on the U.S. carrier network AT&T are currently receiving over-the-air (OTA) software updates. This OTA roll-out updates the Galaxy S4 from Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean to the latest Android 4.4 KitKat OS.

In some cases, a software update to a Galaxy S series device adds new features that may refresh the overall user experience. Some Galaxy S2 owners may have skipped upgrading their device to the Galaxy S3 after updating from an older version software. The dual-core U.S. versions of the S2 and S3 running on the same Jelly Bean software make the user experience on the devices near identical.

As for the two more recent Galaxy S series handsets, a software update to Android 4.4 KitKat will not magically convert the S4 into an S5 clone. According to Samsung at its Unpacked 5 event, the Galaxy S5 is equipped with exclusive features and specs that the Galaxy S4 won't receive in a minor software update.

1. Enhanced Camera:

On deck is enhanced HDR, faster autofocus at a speed of 0.3 seconds and Selective Focus. When capturing images, the Galaxy S5’s new HDR feature instantly controls light exposure to let users take better pictures, even in low-light settings. What you view with your eyes is exactly what your photo will reflect. The super fast autofocus helps you take better pictures even when a subject is in motion. Selective Focus lets you have focus control of the subject in the foreground as well as the background. You can also blur the background and focus on the main subject for a professional looking photo.

2. Fingerprint Scanner:

The finger scanner feature of the Galaxy S5 lets users keep videos and photos private and secure and also makes mobile payments easy to complete. Thanks to Samsung’s partnership with payment service PayPal, Galaxy S5 owners can execute fast and secure money transactions with one finger swipe. Samsung assures that the user’s fingerprint information is encrypted directly on the device and never shared.

3. Ultra Power Saving Mode:

Remember when cellphones were black and white and capable of long battery life? The Galaxy S5 goes retro with a new feature called Ultra Power Saving Mode. When enabled, the phone’s display changes from HD color to black and white, powering everything down except phone calls and messages. According to Samsung, if the battery is at 10 percent and Ultra Power Saving Mode is activated, it adds an extra 24 hours of standby time to the Galaxy S5.

4. Kids Mode:

With the click of a button, you can turn your phone into a kid friendly device with pre-loaded apps designed for children. One of the default Kids Mode apps is a karaoke app, so kids sing along to their favorite songs. Kids Mode also features parental controls so parents can set time limits and control what apps are installed.

5. Built-In Heart Rate Monitor:

The Galaxy S5 features a built-in heart rate monitor that works in conjunction with the pre-loaded revamped S-Health 3.0 app. Located next to the camera flash, placing your finger over the sensor after a workout lets you conveniently track and log your heart rate.

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