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Five reasons why 'WWE 2K15' won't tap out in its next-gen debut

The news keeps coming in when it comes to the features and content of 2K Sports' next-gen wrestling debut, “WWE 2K15," but what does it all mean?

Five reasons why 'WWE 2K15' won't tap out in its next-gen debut-slide0
2K Sports
Five reasons why 'WWE 2K15' won't tap out in its next-gen debut
2K Sports

Breaking through all the techno babel and game speak, here are five reasons why the WWE' first game on the XBox One and PlayStation 4 won't stink up the place.

It'll Look Better Than Any Other Wrestling Game, Ever: The screenshots revealed this week were certainly something to get excited about. More detail and much-better looking character models are just the beginning. With more animations as well, "WWE 2K15" should not only look better, it should feel better too.

The Presentation Will Be Better: While the last few WWE games have been solid, the commentary has often been predictable and at times, boring. In an article with IGN this week, it was reported that this year's game will have more line of commentary, thousands more. What does that mean? This year’s game will feel much more like you’re watching the WWE on TV than ever before.

Did you hear that? The thousands of gamers who played the last game in the series with the sound on mute? They just rejoiced.

A Brand New Set of Creation Tools: Utilizing the same set of tools for years on PlayStation 3 and XBox 360, it'll be cool to see how 2K ups the ante on next-gen. There's no reason to think it'll be a botched effort and the wait to see what the wrestling geeks online can create is already heating up.

Sting: His appearance gave this year's game instant appeal. Gamers who haven't played a WWE game in years are now intrigued. The fact that his blonde surfer attire and crow gimmick are in the game make “WWE 2K15” an even cooler opportunity to reconnect with fans. The announcement that Hollywood Hogan is in the game as well means gamers can recreate one of the coolest match-ups of the Monday Night Wars as well.

2K's Track Record: As long as we're not talking about the last few years of their once awesome baseball and hockey franchises, 2K gets it done when they have to. As well, their involvement in the WWE franchise has been nothing but solid since day one. The games they've made on next-gen, particularly "NBA 2K14," was one of the only ones to begin to tap into the potential of the new systems. The fact that "WWE 2K15" will have more time in development than usual as well only makes their job easier.

“WWE 2K15” is set for a October 28 release in North America and will ship on October 31 internationally.