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Five Reasons Why I Love Hotels (and use them frequently) as an Advocate

Within the past twelve years as a Victim Advocate, I've come to appreciate the hospitality industry a great deal. Hotel owners pay attention to the psychological components behind relaxation.

It is necessary to train continually in this field in order to keep up with current research and best-practice models. It is also a good idea to establish a network of individuals as resources that you can rely on while doing a very difficult job. Travel is associated with these factors and can be stressful at times. Hotels can teach us how to be stress-free.

1. The temperature is always set at a comfortable level when you first enter. It is also true that you can control the temperature. I find this a significant reflection of our own lives. We can absolutely moderate the climate of our lives so that it best suits our needs.

2. The hotel room lighting is varied. We know that there are times we feel comforted with bright sunshine and other times we require a dimmer. Adjusting the amount of light that we let into our lives allows us to grow or to hibernate, by our own choices.

3. There is someone available to you at the touch of a hand. In this day and age, we can seek assistance on a key pad or with the click of a button. Inevitably, we are never really alone in this world.

4. Nourishment is nearby. Cool water, hot coffee or tea, a dinner or a late night snack can be had just for the asking. Why then do we sometimes not see that when we are depleted, we can go to nature or music or a house of worship for relief? We can ask to be fed.

5. Peace can be obtained by setting up reminders. Call for a "wake-up." For those of us who work in human service, we often realize that we are very good at taking care of others but rarely are we that finely attuned with ourselves. It takes practice and repetition to get it right and then things change, sometimes without our knowledge or control. So, we start again to take care of us.

So, my advice is go to a hotel. We work hard. We deserve it.

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