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Five reasons we need more pop-up restaurants

This Saturday and Sunday at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, Bill Kim of Urbanbelly and Belly Shack and Jason Hammel of Lula Cafe and Nightwood will be hosting a pop- up restaurant in the Logan Square Kitchen( 2333 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60647). Kim will be using this opportunity to test food for a new restaurant idea, called Country Belly.

  Some have referred to this pop-up restaurant as the first of its kind for the city, but I would like to share five reasons why I can’t wait to see more.

1) There is no doubt about it; we all love a sneak peek- Whether it’s a fashion line, a movie or food from an up and coming restaurant we can’t help but love a preview.

2) A great way to test a restaurant concept- There is no better way to research a restaurant concept than with actual customer reviews of the food.

3) It’s exciting- A new restaurant is exciting, but the wait can often leave us impatient. A pop-up restaurant will provide immediate gratification that lasts from start to finish.

4) It builds buzz- From the media to local consumers, you can attract new customers before an actual restaurant even opens, hook them on a dish and they will counting down the days until they can try it again.

5) Great food at a lower price- A restaurant meal can quickly add up to a huge expense. Getting a smaller portion of a variety, at a low price, is an opportunity most of us would not be able to pass up.

If any of you go and check out Kim and Hammel’s pop-up restaurant, I would love to hear what you like or dislike about it and why you would like to see more.



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