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Five reasons to watch ABC’s ‘Motive’

Five reasons to watch
Five reasons to watch

“Motive” may be one of television’s less ballyhooed secrets. The engaging whodunit centers around the life of homicide detectives, Angie Flynn (Kristen Lehman) and her no-nonsense partner Oscar Vega (Louis Ferreira) as they solve their city’s murder cases. The crimes are committed by everyday people ranging from Suzy homemaker to the jealous enemy type.

Actress Lauren Holly plays charismatic lead medical examiner Dr. Betty Rogers. Valeria Tian joins the cast for its second season as Officer Wendy Sung – a sharp and ambitious rookie cop. Also new on the force and for this season is Warren Christie who takes on the role of Sergeant Mark Cross. Cross and Angie had an affair years ago and the tension between them fractures the trust between Angie and Vega.

Below are five reasons (which mostly fall under nostalgia) to watch the police procedural series:

1. Those of us who remember TV detective “Columbo” also remember being introduced to the killer and victim early on in the show. “Columbo”, starring the late Peter Falk, aired from 1968-1978 and then again from 1989-2003. Falk’s character instantly became a fan favorite and was noted for always appearing disheveled, his pesky behavior and being consistently underestimated by his suspects. The audience is also privy to knowing who the killer and victims are immediately upon tuning into “Motive.” However, unlike “Columbo,”viewers will learn of the motive as they follow Angie and Vega along with their investigation.

2. Fans that miss seeing Lauren Holly on “NCIS” as Director Jenny Shepherd will now have the chance to view her on “Motive” where she has a more relaxed role playing medical examiner Dr. Betty Rogers. Holly’s character is charismatic and an unapologetic cougar. Although her job is far from glamorous, it is the dead who fascinate her the most.

3. Detective Angie Flynn is no Charlie’s Angel. She is a working-class mom who tools around town in a muscle car – a 1984 Hurst Oldsmobile for all you car enthusiasts. Angie is feisty with a keen ability to read people like a large print book and relies heavily upon her gut instinct. Much like Columbo, Angie plays her suspects like a fiddle.

4. Oh Canada. The series is filmed in Canada and all of the actors are Canadian including Lauren Holly who became a citizen in 2008. Canada has been sharing great TV programming with the States for a number of years now. “Flashpoint” and the teen favorite “Degrassi High” franchise perhaps being amongst the most popular.

5. For anyone who enjoys a good crime drama/police detective series, and there certainly seems to be plenty of them around, “Motive” is one to add to your list.

“Motive” is the brainchild of Daniel Cerone who is the same man who gave us “Dexter” and “The Mentalist.” The show premiered at number one in Canada during 2012-2013. Watch “Motive” on Wednesdays at 10:00 PM on ABC.

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