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Five reasons to personalize wedding rings

Close up of wedding rings during a wedding ceremony
Close up of wedding rings during a wedding ceremony
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Congratulations! You're about to get married. It's time to pick out the ring, and you're trying to figure out exactly what it should look like, how big each ring element should be and narrow down ring sizes. But what about personalization? Some wedding rings are expensive enough as is so why add a higher cost by personalizing the ring? Here a few reasons.

Theft. She's got brown eyes, brown hair, is wearing a dress and has on hoop earrings. Does this sound like a woman you know? But what about that tattoo that says 11/11/11? Does that narrow down the person? That's the same deal with wedding rings. If someone loses a wedding ring or engagement ring and it's a plain ring with a birthstone or diamond on it, it's a bit difficult to tell it apart from the pack of other rings with that same style. But just like the woman with the tattoo, adding a special engraving mark will help narrow the ring down in the case of an emergency. Or police lineup, if she's in a "Think Like a Man Too" situation.

Date memories. Personalizing a ring doesn't have to be something as simple as a wedding date or engagement date. This can turn into a typo nightmare if the wedding date has to be rescheduled or the engagement date is postponed until later. But permanent numerical memories (first date, first kiss, first moment of intimacy, first address living together) don't change.

Quote memories. There's a Someecards meme circulating online that says, "Pinterest: Women's video game" and it's true. Pinterest's largest viewing audience is women, and quotes are a hit on the social media site. As uncreative as it may be to snatch someone else's quote from a book, movie or song, if the quote means something to both parties it'll be touching nonetheless. And if it's a memorable quote from either the bride or the groom, even better.

Copyright proof. This may be particularly important to professionals who work in graphic design or some other type of artsy career. This is an opportunity to show off your best art by using your own graphic on a ring design. A symbol for a book cover may warm the heart of an author. An image of a silhouette may be just the thing for someone into modeling. An outline of children may bring tears to a parent's heart. Graphics don't have any rules. Just make sure it's an image worth keeping before asking for it to be included on the ring. If this is a unique design, it's strongly encouraged to get the copyright on the design from the United States Copyright Office before asking a jeweler to do so.

Tribute to loved ones. For those whose grandparents, parents and other guardians have passed on, there's that moment of grief that they weren't able to celebrate in the ceremony. Adding a signature message inside of the ring about the deceased person is an opportunity for that family member to "walk" down the aisle and be "present" at the ceremony with the couple. Whether it's a name, a picture, a quote from the loved one or even a birthstone of that special person, this is another way to celebrate them being at the ceremony, even if it's not physically.

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