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Five Reasons to Avoid Sugar

We all know that sugar is not good for us and Americans are one of the top consumers of sugar in the world consuming an average of 130 pounds of it each year. Recent studies show that sugar can be even more dangerous to our health and of course it plays a major role in obesity and disease. Here are five reasons sugar should be dropped from your diet.

Sugar increases your appetite. When you’re trying to shed a few pounds that sugary doughnut in the break room is a bad idea to state the obvious, but studies show that eating even small amounts of sugar, fake stuff included, increases your appetite throughout the day so you’re more likely to over eat.

Sugar adds empty calories. The white stuff has no nutritional value what so ever and it’s the main culprit of empty calories in most of our diets, especially for soda and sweet beverage drinkers. Just one soda can have up to 25 grams of sugar and 250 calories.

Sugar is addictive. You may think that puff pastry will help you kill that sweet tooth craving for something sweet but in actuality the more sugar you eat the more you crave. Sugar has long since been compared to narcotics as far as an addictive substance. Studies done in rats show that it lights up the same pleasure senses in the brain as addictive drugs and it takes more and more to ignite that part of the brain over the time causing you to eat more and crave more.

Sugar causes disease. Many medical studies now show that sugar can be linked not only to disease such as metabolic syndrome and diabetes but it has also been believed to be linked to some forms of cancer. In fact, sugar addiction can also be factor in chronic headaches and other ailments.

Sugar hinders weight loss. This is another obvious statement. If you’re consuming so many non nutritional, empty calories your body is going to store them as fat making it very difficult to lose weight and keep it off.

So the next time you reach for that desert or sugary snack consider the obvious; it’s just not healthy at all. Sugar addiction can ruin your attempts at health and many people require a detox to break the sugar habit.

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