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Five reasons Ronda Rousey's UFC 175 fight against Alexis Davis lacks hype

According to a June 24 report from Yahoo! Sports, UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey (9-0) is looking to make a last-ditch effort to generate some buzz in her UFC 175 fight against Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expert Alexis Davis by doing some boastful talking in the media. Rousey, 27, says she's hoping to prove a point that high-level Judo players can hold their own with world-class BJJ aces.

Ronda Rousey is set to fight Alexis Davis at UFC 175
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Judo vs. BJJ seems to be the angle Rousey is going for to get fight fans interested in her UFC 175 bout with Davis, and so far she's been met with a collective shrug. On television and across social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, there hasn't been much talk about Rousey vs. Davis. While some have tried to argue the reason not many people care about the fight is because Davis is such a heavy underdog, that couldn't be farther from the truth.

If the UFC would have booked Gina Carano to fight Rousey at UFC 175, there would have been a serious buzz about it even with "Rowdy" being heavily favored to win. There are several reasons why Rousey's fight with Davis lacks hype, but the feeling that it may be a squash match isn't one of them. The main reason why Rousey vs. Davis lacks a buzz is because the UFC holds so many cards these days that its difficult for any single match to stand out and get hyped up far in advance.

Even though UFC 175 is just 11 days away, the UFC is holding two cards before it. It makes it tough for fight fans to get excited about Rousey vs. Davis, when there are so many fights happening prior to it. Secondly, the lack of a real-life rivalry between Rousey and Davis has significantly decreased fan interest in the bout.

Rousey's real-life feud with Miesha Tate absolutely captivated the MMA community, and it resulted in huge ratings for their fight at UFC 168. Rousey is at her best when she talks trash and plays up the heel role. She can't do that with her UFC 175 against Davis, because they have respect for each other.

Additionally, Davis' lack of finishes in her three UFC appearances doesn't help. Fight fans love wild standup brawls and crazy knockouts, or at least exciting finishes. Davis, 29, has gone the distance in all three of her UFC bouts, including a split-decision win over Jessica Eye at UFC 170.

Besides the aforementioned reasons, UFC 175 as a whole lacks a buzz because recent UFC cards have been lackluster. UFC 174, which went down last weekend in Vancouver, was an utter disaster, without many fights to get fans excited about heading into the next event. Luckily for the promotion, UFC Fight Night: Te Huna vs. Marquardt goes down on June 28, and a nice night of fights could generate some momentum heading into UFC 175.

The final reason why Rousey vs. Davis lacks hype is because the star judoka's last fight was so short. Rousey needed just 66 seconds to finish Sara McMann, so it turned out to be a bit of a bust of a main event for fight fans who wanted to see a barnburner. The UFC typically saves their second-best card of the year for July 4th weekend, so UFC 175 is supposed to do big numbers. With pay-per-view numbers on the decline, it'll be interesting to see if fight fans will buy it.

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