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Five Reasons Children Need Exercise

With obesity on the up its imperative that exercise become part of our daily lives; even more so for the next generations. Today one in three children are overweight or obese and it’s become evident that our children will be more likely to live shorter lives due to preventable and reversible conditions as a result of poor lifestyle choices. Here are five key reasons children need to exercise.

Because they are still growing overweight kids can use daily exercise as a way to maintain their weight and growing up will take care of the rest. As they grow taller their weight will stay the same but because of the height gained they will eventually fall into normal ratios.

Exercise for kids should be fun and playful and it can also help them develop coordination balance and agility. Studies show that children who exercise gain more muscular development in adolescence than they do in their adult years.

Social Skills are another great benefit of exercise. Children learn to work together, control emotions and gain confidence. These are valuables skills that can go a long way as the child gets older and is introduced to more complex social situations.

Kids who get regular exercise not only grow into healthier teens and adults they are also twice as likely to understand the importance of a healthful lifestyle and expect to keep exercising throughout life. They are also more apt to develop healthful eating habits as a result.

Disease prevention is perhaps the most valid if not important reason for parents to make sure that kids get plenty of exercise and outdoor activity. With exercise they are far less likely to develop diabetes, high blood pressure and many other lifestyle related health conditions.

With high tech entertainment at an all time high and physical education requirements in school being chipped away, kids are less likely to want to spend time outside. Parents have to be creative and think of fun and even unusual ways to get kids up and moving after all their lives may depend on it.

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