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Five questions with top-ranked Florida MMA fighter Delaney Owen

Delaney Owen is set to fight Sarah Alpar
Courtesy of Delaney Owen

According to a Jan. 7 post from MMA Madhouse, hard-hitting knockout artist Delaney Owen (7-1) is set to make her pro MMA debut on Jan. 25 at the Sugar Creek Casino in Hinton, Oklahoma.

Owen, 21, will be fighting King of the Cage veteran Sarah Alpar (3-3), in a flyweight bout that could determine who truly deserves a top 10 ranking in the women's 125-pound division.

Owen is already busy training for the fight, but she kindly took a few minutes from her schedule to discuss how she thinks the bout will go down.

Here's what she had to say:

Q. Tonya Evinger offered to take the fight against Alpar after Jordan Gaza dropped out, but Sarah declined because she felt Tonya might be too tough a challenge at this point in her career.

Since she accepted the fight against you instead, that basically means she's pretty confident she can beat you. Do you feel disrespected at all about that?

Owen: No I don't feel disrespected. I don't look into all that as much as you would think, but I'm a girl, I love gossip and drama as much as the next girl.

I have a job to do this is my life, I'm just glad I have a fight. As far as Sarah or Sarah's camp feeling confident beating me? I don't think they would make a mistake like that.

Q. Alpar basically decided it's better for her to slowly climb the ranks, rather than jump into "deep waters" with a fight against a 10-year veteran such as Evinger. How do you feel about that?

Owen: Fighters should have a good camp around them. I fight where I'm told, I let my coach worry bout the who and when, I worry bout the hitting and the breaking.

It's about honesty with your abilities and experience, not looking at the commercials and posters and wishing it were you. I think you should fight the right fight for you and always challenge yourself.

Q. Are you planning on trying out for TUF 20?

Owen: Nope.

Q. Any particular reason why not?

Owen: My coach doesn't think that's where I should go right now.

Q. There's been a lot of talk about rankings. You're considered the No. 1 amateur fighter in Florida and Alpar is considered one of the top 10 best flyweights in the world. Where do you think a win over Alpar would put you in the rankings? Would it mean you're one of the best 10 flyweights in the world?

Owen: I am a 115-pound fighter but I'll fight up if style matches up. I don't care bout ranking, most of them are popularity contest or beauty contest.

I know I am number one in Florida because I have the best record and I can finish. A win over Alpar puts me at number one at SCS flyweight, which I would want to fight strawweight after that. Invicta FC is the goal, but if I find a home at SCS for a while, so be it. I am very happy with this opportunity and I will not disappoint. I will put on a great fight!

Q. Where can fans check you out on social media?

Owen: Please "like" my Facebook fan page and check me out on Twitter.

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