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Five questions with Tom Jensen, owner of T-Toys & UFO's

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Tom Jensen

Tom Jensen is the creator of the small and fun business, T-Toys & UFO's. His business is a one man show, and he's retiree with a passion for building. He also makes all of his models in his garage. All of his stuff is made out of wood. It takes him weeks to create these very cool models.

Here's just one photo of one of the UFO models that Jensen created.
Tom Jensen

I've posted a photo of what one of his models look like on this article, so you can get the jest of it.

I don't think there are many people out there that do what Tom does. I mean even in this day and age, making wooden toys for both kids and adults is almost unheard of. I would like to note too that he also makes toys for less fortunate children.

This afternoon I got a chance to ask him a few questions about his interest, its' a short interview, just to see a little more on what I've read and his told me. His work is quite impressive, as you'll notice in the photo I shared. Jensen's work was also written about in David Marlar’s book, “Triangular UFO’s."

So here are five questions that I've asked him and his answers:

1. So what inspired you to start making UFOs for people around the country?

So it all started as a Halloween decoration, then people got interested. The local news station did a story, people wanted the first model I made, and it all started from there. The first model I made by the way was brought by a group in North Dakota.

I started making models for people that were interested and that asked for them. (Note: he makes them for people who have experienced UFO sightings too.) I have distributed alien models from Zetan.

2. When did you make your first one?

I made my first UFO model in January 5, 2000.

3. Since you've made a lot of UFOs in your time, do you believe in the existed of them?

Not 100% sure on if UFOs exist or not. Don't know if it's a government thing or what it is.

4. Do you make other paranormal toys?

No, don't do anything else in the paranormal field. Not interested in it, and don't have a passion to do paranormal things. UFOs are pretty much as 'paranormal' as I go.

5. Last and a fun question, what's your favorite sci-fi movie?

I like Star Trek, I'm a trekkie, but nothing extreme. I have in the past put booths up at Comic Cons.

I would like to thank Jensen for talking to me today, and I hope you all enjoyed this little Q&A interview!

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