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Five questions with Cameron 'Showtime' Underhill

Cameron Underhill is set to fight at King of the Cage
Courtesy of King of the Cage

Hard-hitting knockout artist Cameron "Showtime" Underhill (6-1) said on Jan. 13 in an exclusive interview with Long Island MMA Examiner Eric Holden that he's set to return to action on Feb. 8 at the Eastside Cannery Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nev.

Underhill, who will be fighting Castle Williams (4-0) for the King of the Cage amateur bantamweight title, is prepared to take the fight wherever it may go, be it standing or on the ground.

"This will be a scrap! He hasn't fought anybody like me before it will go everywhere I want it to go!" Underhill told Holden. "Stand up to the ground back up again! Going to push the pace no matter what!"

"Showtime" has already started training for the fight, but he kindly took a few minutes from his busy schedule to answer questions about his MMA career.

Here's what he had to say:

Q. How has training been going for your upcoming fight?

Underhill: Training has been great! Been working on everything very detailed and hard. Got a new strength and conditioning coach as well who has been pushing me everyday.

Q. You train at the UFC Gym, which is known more as a fitness gym than a fighter's gym. Are you hoping to help change that image and put UFC Gym on the map as a gym for high-level MMA fighters?

Underhill: Yes if I haven't already put the UFC gym on the map for talent, this fight will do it.

We have about three or four other fighters from my gym that compete at gladiator challenge and CAMO events as well. We work very hard there and push each other! Plus we have great coaches and people coming in and out all the time to help us.

Q. You are well-known in the MMA community for being a positive role model with your MMA training programs for children. Tell us a little about your work with young MMA students.

Underhill: Yes I work with kids. I teach all the MMA, BJJ, wrestling and everything else.

I love working with kids they inspire me I swear! They always work so hard and love to win. They stay hungry and always want more. They teach good lessons if you just take the time to listen and watch them. And all my students love me as well. They really light a fire under my ass to win and lead by example.

Q. What are your goals in MMA?

Underhill: One day I will be the greatest fighter in the world! Mark my words! That has always been my goal and will never change. I want to be the greatest! And the most humble!

Q. Where can fight fans check you out on social media?

Underhill: I have a few videos of me grappling up on YouTube but not much. When I fought through gladiator challenge they didn't really record the fights not sure why. But after this fight they will have a video to see. So excited to fight and show who I am. Represent the 951 like it should be. You can also check me out on Twitter.

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