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Five pounds of matted fur removed from dog who desperately needs to be rescued

Shelter photo

A dog being held at a Los Angeles area animal control facility is in urgent need of assistance. Already this week, the friendly, smiling dog named "Calypso," has managed to charm her way off of the animal control facility's dreaded "euthanasia" list. However, if help is not secured soon, she may not be that fortunate again.

Calypso arrived to the South Los Angeles Animal Care and Control Center in Calif., on July 7. At the time that she was taken in, she was literally a mess; a shelter volunteer described Calypso's dismal condition:

Horrible skin issues, raw redness, scabs, a coat so matted she was carrying around an extra 5 pounds of clumps and dirt.

Thanks to the efforts of a dedicated groomer, Calypso looks like a new dog today. Following her grooming session, Calypso stared at the pile of discarded fur with something akin to disbelief...

Calypso has been held in isolation at the animal control facility, but she needs to get out - soon. Though neglected in the past, Calypso's sweet demeanor has remained - a volunteer describes the dog's personality:

​Calypso has charmed everyone who has met her. She's always smiling, her tail always wagging. Sure she's got her problems -- conjunctivitis, a bit of lameness in the back end, some upper respiratory sniffles -- but she's truly delightful and so worthy of living a full life. Her personality outshone her mats and scabs -- and she was spared.

Please take a moment to network on Calypso's behalf - she deserves to find her way to the home of a guardian who will appreciate her and treat her like the princess she is.


  • Petharbor link for Calypso here
  • CALYPSO - ID number A1491104
  • Age 6 years
  • Weight 38 pounds
  • South Los Angeles Animal Care and Control Center at (888) 452-7381
  • South L.A. shelter at 1850 West 60th St., Los Angeles, Calif. 90047
  • Please direct ALL inquiries about this dog to the facility where she is being held; ask for information about animal ID number A1491104
  • Facebook thread unknown

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