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Five potential rivalries for Sting in 'WWE 2K15'

Although the rivalries for “WWE2K15” have already been announced, there’s still plenty of fun match ups to look forward to.

Five potential rivalries for Sting in 'WWE 2K15'
2K Sports

Announced as a pre-order character last month, Sting's inclusion in the upcoming "WWE 2K15" opens up the floodgate for in-game storylines many wrestling fans are dying to see, but some that only hardcore wrestling fans know about. With the game's roster release growing closer, let's take a closer look at some potential match ups that could make Sting's character even more fun to play with.

Bret Hart: This is an easy one for hardcore fans for one reason-the move. Sharing the same finishing hold, it would be interesting to see who the real master of the finisher is. Something that was teased in WCW, but never fully-realized, a feud between these two in the game would be a dream come true for older gamers.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan: This was one of the most important feuds of the late '90s, one that solidified Sting as a legend after his surfer gimmick ran cold. Revisiting it nearly 20 years later would be an awesome blast from the past.

The Ultimate Warrior: This is one that probably only hardcore wrestling fans would get, but would still be fun. Originally tag team partners, these two legends went their separate ways and boy did they both go on to have different careers. Warrior's comments before his death about Sting only intensify the battle.

Ric Flair: This was the NWA's big match of the late '80s and the match that headlined the first and last episodes of WCW Monday Nitro. If Flair makes the roster cut- and there's no reason why he shouldn't considering he's in the company again, this will be a classic.

The Undertaker: The match that should have happened, but never did. There's no doubt that Taker will be in this year's game, so despite the fact that his once seemingly immortal streak is over, this matchup of legends can still take place, at least in video game form.

“WWE 2K15” is set for a October 28 release in North America and will ship on October 31 internationally.

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