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Five Pokemon that desperately need mega evolutions

With the next edition of the Pokemon series just a few months away, the wish list for more mega evolutions continues. From retakes on classic favorites to plain old steroid injections for weak, but functional Pokemon, here's a look at five pocket monsters that could definitely use a cosmetic makeover and/or some more time in the gym.

Five Pokemon that desperately need mega evolutions

Butterfree: Bug Pokemon have long been the laughing stock of the series, used mainly in the beginning of your adventure and later discarded for more powerful types. Butterfree is one of the most regarded bug-types in the game, but like many of his bug friends, lacks punch in tougher battles. A mega evolution that ups his attack and defense stats would even the playing field and make him surprisingly solid.

Dedenne: He's adorable and possesses good attack and speed stats, but is weak everywhere else. Even his cool moveset is limited because of this. A mega evolution that toughens up the cutie physically and raises his defense and special defense could make him just as solid as Raichu, but more functional, thanks to the fairy type.

Hitmonchan: This would be a cool cosmetic thing as the evolution would add to all of his base stats to give him a little more punch. Imagine good ole Hitmonchan looking more like Balrog from Street Fighter. The added muscle would make him a faster version of Machamp with better speed and moves.

Dragonite: Why doesn't this Pokemon have a mega evolution? One of the coolest and strongest in the game, he'd be even cooler if he could evolve again. While boosts to his stats would make him even tougher, it would be cool to see him with bigger wings and a chip on his shoulder.

Arcanine: If Houndoom can have one, surely this guy can too. Around since the beginning if the series, a well-rounded boost to his stats would help him compete with any legendary Pokemon and update his look. This just makes sense.

What do you think of our choices? Who else would you like to see mega evolve? Sound off in the comment section below.

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